Comments for Marvel Writer Claims To Be “Disappointment to the Fandom”

wanda black widow

Credit: Marvel Studios


  1. Ralph Bohner
    …what a low hanging joke/troll. It does not matter what fan theory failed to happen that was pathetic in its own right.

  2. Anakr0n

    This “I couldn’t really get into the comics/ found no emotional attachment” BS is why fans become disappointed. They don’t want emotional investment, they want their characters true to the source without being infected by a woke narrative. Without respect, we reject. Get writers that are interested in the characters and respect the source they came from and get rich.

  3. Tony

    I had a few disappointments with the way the series ended. My major gripe was both Bettany and Olsen made comments in interviews to get the fan base excited. And both were outright lies!

  4. Denise Berman

    The Quicksilver “Bohner” joke was just insulting, and it sure feels like Disney doesn’t care about fans hese days. “I didn’t read the comics” is a pathetic excuse for poor payoffs to obvious set-ups. You would have thought MCU would’ve learned its lesson with the Mandarin.I loved the first 8 episodes… the 9th was a tragic let down, and sure feels like fans are being taken for granted.

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