Comments for Hamill Finally Speaks Out on Stan Luke Skywalker Casting

mark hamill as luke skywalker (left) and sebastian stan as bucky barnes (right)

Credit: Lucasfilm/Marvel Studios


  1. Rio

    Do I want to see Sebastian Stan as young Luke Skywalker ? Is the Pope Catholic ? Of course I want to see that happen. He looks a lot like Mark, and he’s a great actor. Hope he gets the role.

    1. neice1176

      Definitely, Sebastian Stan would be wonderful in that role!

    2. Little Dogie

      No. Stan would be an amazing Han Solo.

      1. Big Doggie

        @Little Dogie – Check your vision.

  2. alvin furiya

    Yes, do it…..who says Hamill has exclusivity to the luke skywalker character. Star Wars fans need to get over nostalgia so that we can get new stories and new characters.

  3. Bob

    You realize Star Wars fans are the ones that want this the most, right?

  4. Little Dogie

    No. Stan could do Han Solo far better then a Luke. His Winter Soldier attitude is Solo all the way. Would be great as Han Solo! đź‘Ťđź‘Ź

  5. Yodamann

    Don’t think he looks anything like Mark Hamill, isn’t he a lot taller too?

  6. Wander McMooch

    Who cares what actor they choose as long as they post the right memes on Twitter?

  7. Thomas Hunt Jr

    Honestly, imo; in the deepfake I thought he looked more like an older version of Jonathon(sp?) Brandis than Luke.

  8. Paul

    He looks the part. The ladies love him. He’s an able actor. Plus, it would be great to have Luke Skywalker return as a hero. But I’m afraid Kathleen Kennedy and her camp prefer to see our childhood heroes deconstructed and replaced

  9. TiredOfSWwhining

    Get over it.

    Ten years ago it was Lucas himself who Star Wars “fans” were gnashing their teeth over “raping their childhood” by making more content. Now apparently its Kathleen Kennedy that is single handedly, gleefully, murdering the (never more profitable) franchise.

  10. George

    I honestly think we should leave the original trilogy alone, it’s almost perfect, and shouldn’t be changed. Although, i do think Stan looks the part if you look at him shaven, and with the right hair, he’s basically a more masculine Mark Hamill. I think it would work.

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