Comments for How George Lucas’s Ex-Wife Killed Obi-Wan Kenobi

darth vader and obi-wan kenobi lightsaber duel

Credit: Lucasfilm


  1. ?

    Your Vader vs Obi-Wan picture is actually from the Reimagined fight video from Youtube. You might want to change it.

  2. John

    She’s also probably the sole reason Lucas got his panties in a knot about Jedi marrying.

    You see Luke S. is Lucas, which George freely admits to. Luke is his self-insert character.

    So when Luke married Mara Jade in Legends, Lucas exploded because it meant his self-interest married his ex-wife.

    Basically Lucas had the most popular female character he didn’t create written out of the continuity because he’s upset with his ex-wife. She was beloved by tens of millions of Expanded Universe fans.

    He did so by retconning Jedi from Knights to Monks. Now whole generations think Jedi are celebite virgins, when Lucas’s admitted plans for Luke Skywalker in the Sequels originally was to make him a father himself. Mark Hamill has also confirmed this. Which is why there is a great divide between younger fans of The Clone Wars and the hard core fans who loved the series for decades, the two largest fandoms in the Star Wars community besides possibly The Mandalorian fans.

    1. Gil

      You need to write these articles. I actually got something from it, while this article feels like a copy and paste of a couple of wiki pages.

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