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big thunder mountain

Credit: Disney


  1. Well, at least you can let out with whoops and other assorted screams while riding coaster-like rides at the Magic Kingdom!

  2. Backcountry164

    People should stop wasting their money on this garbage company. Disney doesn’t give a crap about you, only the money in your pocket. And let’s be real, they only care about that if you’ve got a lot of it. The lesson they’ll take away from 2020 is that fewer people in the park makes for a better experience. And a better experience is something that you can charge more for. We’ve already started to see policies that reflect this. Expect more of the same…

    1. Gibby

      Less people in the parks would be fantastic.

    2. EJF

      Agreed. As the 90s song goes. Mickey Mouse has grown up a cow.

  3. Sean McManus

    Disney owned by China

    1. Jimmy

      I suppose this made sense in your head. Get therapy.

  4. Milton

    Quit being offended. So if you are offended that when you ride a jungle boat ride set in the jungle and see “natives”….. Don’t ride it.
    If herring the song zippidy-doo-dah offends you at splash mountain… Don’t ride it…. The song is about having a wonderful day…. Who cares who sings it how is that bad???
    I had grandparents pass away and now when I ride the haunted mansion I am offended because it deals with death and ghosts.

    1. Hannah L Howell


    2. Tiffanie Alexander

      Why? I don’t owe you to not be offended, nor do I care how you feel about it. Why would I?

  5. Heather A.

    Such half witted half arse comments left .
    Seriously get over covid’ 2020 and yourselves. Move on and make the best of life LIVE life and get out and about. Lord help these individuals. Don’t let the mighty dollar rule YOU!

  6. The Light

    Don’t blame the company. Blame the virus for all this

  7. Tiffanie Alexander

    It always amazes me when others somehow think they have a special power to give permission for others to be offended. No one needs to explain to you why they are offended, nor do they need to justify it to you. No one wants or expects your support either!

  8. Adam

    Thanks Joe Biden…

  9. Me

    There is a difference between cancel culture and being offended. You can be offended and walk away and not force other to also have the issue with it because you do.

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