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luke skywalker with green lightsaber on endor

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  1. Nik

    No thanks. If it’s not Mark Hamill then it’s not Luke Skywalker. Just leave it be.

    1. Ur boi Roland

      Buut, it could mean no more Luke drinking green milk, and not getting defeated by long legs moody Kylo.

      1. Backcountry164

        Or it’s just another opportunity to take another dump on him. Given who’s in charge of Lucasfilm it seems pretty obvious which of these scenarios is more likely…

  2. John

    So basically do what they should have done with Luke Skywalker from day 1. Keep him a hero and give him a female romantic interest who also acts as his foil, then make him a father to mirror his father but also to contrast their differences.

    Also something Mark Hamill begged George Lucas for for decades, and Mara Jade is a character Mark Hamill has voiced support for. Stating adding her is the thing he’d change about the Sequels if he could only add 1 thing. I just hope Mark Hamill gets to enjoy watching his character take the journey he always should have when he played him… and who knows maybe they can get him to film part of it too.

    Hopefully they’ll just pretend the godawful Sequels never happened and quietly retcon them into a bad force vision.

    1. Backcountry164

      That’s a whole lot of wishful thinking. There’s no reason to believe that it would be anything that actual fans want. We know how Luke’s story ends and as long as Kathleen Kennedy is in charge nothing will be retconned. So no Mara Jada. This series will most likely just follow Luke’s decent into a bitter old man. You’ve seen what they did to Picard over on CBS right??

  3. Thor Valhalla

    Make the SEQUELS a bad Force dream given to him by the Force as a warning to not make the same mistakes that the old Jedi Order made concerning marriage, children, and the dogmatic teachings that vilified the Dark Side. Teach that the Dark Side actually resides in all things: Day and Night, Summer and Winter, Predator and Prey, Love and Indifference, Kindness and Hate. That Luke was to bring forth a New Jedi Order that taught balance and moderation in all things.

  4. Backcountry164

    Who cares. Star Wars is dead. As long as Kathleen Kennedy is in charge there’s no reason to be even slightly optimistic. It’s a pretty safe bet at this point to just assume that anything with her fingerprints on it will eventually, if not immediately, turn to garbage. I’m pretty sure that she hates Star Wars. Even gross incompetence, on its own, wouldn’t be enough to do the damage that she’s done. At this point you have to assume that it’s deliberate…

  5. Blurrg

    Yes please! *crosses fingers* We get to see Luke go on quests and adventures and also grow as a Jedi? I’m in! It’s the logical next step to take since there’s a huge gap between ROTJ and before TFA that begs to be filled. There’s so much potential. Especially with him training Grogu and maybe learning something about his father from him. Or maybe teaming up with Mando for a while…etc. Lots of possibilities. So I really REALLY hope the rumor is true!

  6. bob

    please god no. Luke will always be one of the greatest heroic characters all time, and you woke wankers have already fracked him over enough.

    If you do this for the love of god kill before the sequel trilogy.

  7. No, just bring back the original final canon in the form of the EU and I’ll be happy. None of this other continuation where Luke is a weaker Jedi and Rey is the ultimate Mary Sue Jedi. That world isn’t canon to me as long as Kathleen Kennedy or anyone feminist is involved. Which is all of Disney now.

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