Comments for Katy Perry Had a Pizza Party INSIDE Cinderella Castle!

Katy perry

Credit: Disney (left) Katy Perry (right)


  1. Amelia

    I don’t think they should rent the suite for a cost but it would be cool if they continued to spontaneously gift a stay to regular guests.

    1. Jill

      I would be happy to have the opportunity to even visit the suite! Maybe if I wish upon a star!

  2. Clay Hodge

    I stayed and got strawberries, maybe you should write a story about me.

  3. Bill Schmidt

    Would nice hearing more about regular people getting a chance to stay, not just the rich and famous.

  4. Bruce

    I guess if you are a ” celebrity ” you can stay when you want

  5. Melissa B.

    Just a Mom to two beautiful girls who has visited Disney World before. Going again this December with daughters for my birthday. To stay just for one night would be beyond magical. We are not celebrities, just hard working people trying to have a magical day.

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