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  1. EricJ

    “Then, make your way to Mount Olympus at the back of the pavilion to experience the newest e-ticket ride at Epcot – ‘Hercules: Battle for Olympus’ – a family coaster (in a similar vein to the Seven Dwarves Mine train)”

    Fan-suggestion game: “Coaster”…DRINK!!

    (And after Norway and Morocco, I don’t know if Epcot still uses international sponsorship for their international pavilions, but I’m guessing the reason there’s no Greece is…Greece hasn’t asked.
    But since Disney can’t accept fan ideas anyway, that’s all academic.)

  2. Jenny

    I would love this pavilion. But let’s be honest, Disney doesn’t have ANY Latin American or Oceanic countries, and Africa is only represented by Morocco, meanwhile several European countries are there. It would be a better idea to show off other parts of the world to make it a real World Showcase. I say add New Zealand (put an Australia section in DAK for Ausi Animals to get both), then add Peru (w/Emperor Kuzko),and either South Africa or Kenya (Simba). If addition space- Columbia, (upcoming Film Encanto), Greece (Herc), Vietnam (Rayla ), or Spain, India, Egypt, Ireland, Greece.

  3. Jedidiah

    Greece would be cool but I’d love to see additions from other places than Europe. A South American or Latin American country would be awesome. Africa and Asia have low representation as well. Also, Hercules is a fantastic film, but is anyone really dying for more a Hercules attraction?

  4. Larry

    As the “Cradle of Democracy” one would think Greece should already be planned. I don’t concur with a ride (please no more kiddy rides in World Showcase). The small area between France and Morocco should be large enough to showcase Greek culture and food. The Parthenon could be built atop Ratatouille overlooking Greece.

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