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  1. That sounds great but I would suggest only doing some of the rooms. Some of the wealthy or conventioneers may not be interested. Caribbean Beach and Port Orleans Riverside have themed rooms but not all of them are themed. In the moderates a themed room is an upgrade.

  2. EricJ

    “Disney Fan Wants ‘Mary Poppins’ Re-Theme At Grand Floridian”

    I want a Clark bar. 😉

    1. Matt

      Article where someone expresses their thoughts, EricJ complains…

  3. LL

    I’d rather see elements of Poppins here than at the UK pavilion. On the other hand, what does Poppins have to do with Palm Beach?
    So no Poppins at the Grand Floridian and no at EPCOT.

  4. EM

    If they re-theme rooms then they will charge more for the re-themed rooms just like at the Caribbean Beach Pirates rooms. It’s expensive enough as it is. Do something in the Parks so everyone can enjoy it.

  5. Seth Schroeder

    That makes zero sense.

    Mary Poppins is set in England not Florida. Yes there is some similarity in refinement possibly but what a weird stretch.

  6. Wander McMooch

    Have the rooms shake like and earthquake every hour because admiral boom!

  7. J

    Some vintage pics of the Floridian rooms look closer to decor in Mary Poppins. I think GF needs to take itself more seriously overall. The most recent room rennovations look Home Goods-ey — hardly what I’d expect from the cost per night. The Disney planners should definitely scout some renovated hotels in New York for inspiration. The style should be refined modern elegance, not stuffy grandma.

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