Make Your Home Smell Like Anna & Elsa’s Enchanted Forest

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Frozen Pura collection

Our regular readers will know that we’re suckers for Disney fragrances for the home. Recently we covered the release of the Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse Scentsy collection and now it seems we may have a new favorite with the launch of the new Pura Frozen 2 collection!

In case you’ve not heard of Pura before, it’s a smart home fragrance diffuser that allows you to completely customize your home’s scent from your cell phone! Each of the diffusers contains two scents that you can swap between with just the tap of a button in the Pura app. In addition to swapping scents, you can adjust the intensity, schedule when the scent gets pushed out to the room — and the diffuser itself even comes with an away mode and ambient nightlight!

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So, let’s take a look at the new Frozen Pura collection:

Pura Frozen collection
Credit: Pura

The two fragrances that are included within the new Pura Frozen collection are Anna & Oaf in the Enchanted Forest and Elsa Journeys to Ahtohallan. Let’s take a look at these in a bit more detail:

Elsa Journeys to Ahtohallan

This fragrance is perfectly fitted to Elsa’s character with a mix of cosmone, iced lemon and frosted vanilla.

Elsa Journey's to Ahtohallan
Credit: Pura

Here’s a bit more about the fragrance from Stephen Nilsen, Scent Designer at Pura:

Glacial element was inspired by Elsa and the Sea Spirit’s adventurous expedition! Wanting to replicate the icy, otherworldly feel of their journey through the frozen river of memory, I used cosmone as one of the soft as snow musks. Refreshing iced lemon gives the fragrance an energy boost, replicating the invigorating feeling of charging through the sea. Frosted vanilla and the delicate floralcy of iris bring soft femininity to the fragrance, symbolizing how true love was the only thing that could stop the eternal winter.

Anna & Olaf in the Enchanted Forest

To replicate the smell of the Enchanted Forest, the Pura team uses a mix of ScentTrek and wild berries.

Anna & Elsa in the Enchanted Forest
Credit: Pura

As before, Stephen provided readers with a bit more information on the fragrance:

Inspired by the mysterious nature behind the Enchanted Forest, I created a fragrance intended to capture the true scent of these misted woods. In order to do so, I incorporated Givaudan’s headspace technology called ScentTrek which captures the scent of the plants and flowers directly in nature in order to recreate an authentic aroma without harming the species. The Tamarack Larch Forest ScentTrek was paired with the scent of wild berries and freshly fallen leaves to capture all facets of the surrounding woodlands.

Each of the new Frozen fragrances is pet and kid-friendly, last up to 350 hours and fill up to 1,000 square feet with the glorious scents from the movie.

Each of the fragrances is priced at $11.20 but you can purchase the entire set that includes the diffuser for $70.40.

Let us know in the comments below what you think of the new Pura Frozen collection!

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