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Jack Sparrow in between two other men

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  1. EricJ

    Other fans prefer to remember Pirates 5: Dead Men Tell No Tales as “The movie where somebody finally stuck a giant fork into Jack Sparrow…”

  2. Kurt Lohmann

    Johnny Depp
    is captain Jack Sparrow, and should not be replaced

  3. Jennifer

    I don’t think what happened in his personal life should effect his career. It doesn’t effect everyone’s career. Some other actors, actresses, and a lot of athletes do worse and they are still in movies and playing in their sports. Why should Johnny be different? I grew up watching him in Nightmare on Elm street and do many more movies and shows. I love him as an actor. He makes his characters who they need to be and no one could ever take his characters places. I was excited to see Fantastic beast 3 til I heard he wasn’t going to be in it. Now I don’t care if I see it and the same goes for the new pirates movie. I LOVE YOU JOHNNY!! Stay strong. Your an amazing actor, singer, and artist. Keep it up. ?

  4. Christian Blanc

    I think they’re back on board with Depp

    Sea of Thieves is about to receive an update with a whole story based around Depp’s Jack Sparrow, I see no reason why they’d do that if they wanted nothing more to do with him


    NO Depp NO DEB I will not go and see another movie that was JOHNNY DEPP was suppose to play in and if they don’t get rid of that skank off of Aquaman 2 I will not go see that movie either I know there are a lot of fans out there that will not go see these movies.
    Bring Jack Sparrow back or they will pay for it dearly in their pockets.
    Thats alot of tickets won’t be sold…….I may even cancel my Disney Channel -Thats next. No Depp No DEB! Whos with me!

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