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CA Only

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  1. Nicole

    I think California only is PERFECT! My family has not visited DL in years due to how busy it is with my disabled daughter. Just too many people in the past. We will be visiting while it is CA only.

    1. Julie

      As long as they have to pay the rate for 1-5 day passes. No discounts! This is about getting people back to work. I also hope when people from other states are allowed they figure something to keep crowds down from this point on. It has gotten crazy before this all happened.

    2. Kim

      I was born and raised in California lived there for over 20 years just recently moved to Arizona because of that I won’t be one of the ones that can enjoy Disneyland’s reopening think it is super selfish for the people in California to be saying yay yay only us! that’s the way it should have been all along! If people don’t like overcrowding maybe we should consider the fact that the earth is overpopulated and the remedy may be to stop having so many kids!

  2. Chris

    I try to go to Disneyland once a year. I went a few in October in 2019 and in December 2019 for my wife’s and my birthday I miss it and hope by the end of this year or next year we can go back

  3. Stephanie

    Disney and California is doing everything right
    Get rid of annual passes? YES
    California residents only? YES
    15% capacity? YES PLEASE
    I cannot wait!

    1. Kailee

      I get it but at the same time I don’t. It’s almost like saying California residents don’t carry covid. If we are doing it for covid reasons, then don’t open at all yet if you’re worried about a spread. California residents or not we all can carry that dsmn virus. Since you guys are opening back up, you should have designated days for out of state people. That seems extremely unfair to everyone else. I live in Arizona and have been going going Disneyland every year for the past 20 years almost. It’s literally my favorite place. Lol
      So if you’re going to re open, make it fair to everyone!!!

      1. Lori

        I agree!! 100%

  4. MC

    Man , I’m jealous I so wish Walt Disney World was Florida residents only. It’s always nice on days when we have hurricanes coming and the local Passholders are here 🙂

  5. Meg

    Question: where are all the cast members coming from? All over the US!!!!!
    I hope the CA residents that have lived through the Newsom insanity can go first for a few weeks, but after that? All welcome.

  6. El

    I’d be good with vaccinated out of towners too!

    1. Lori

      Yes!!! Let us out of staters in with proof of Vaccine. I agree!

  7. Debbie Andert

    I am working at Cal Poly as a Covid-19 vaccinator. Hope I count as a temporary resident!!!!

  8. Erika

    What people are forgetting is it is not Disneyland that is putting the CA Residents only rule in place, is Governor Newsome and he is close to getting recalled. His handling of the pandemic has not been received well.

  9. Jamie

    I live in Arizona, so not fair. I had a trip planned for last September I had to cancel. I already had tickets. We saved for 2 years to go and were extremely bummed they didn’t open back up. It’s been a year. Time to get over this scamdemic. I don’t mind the social distancing but only residents. How long until non-residents can go?

    1. Charlon Price

      The pandemic is not a scam. What does it take to prove you wrong?

    2. ST

      My wife was in your state––twice––as a COVID ICU nurse where she eased many Arizona families through the deaths of their loved ones in this very real pandemic. She’s in California now helping them as the numbers are in decline.

      We are more than happy to welcome California residents to our theme parks (I’m a Cast Member) and your state to Disney World so long as you recognize the seriousness of a pandemic that would have us continue safety protocols we maintain despite Florida having no restrictions.

    3. Tim

      100% agree. I have been bringing a family of 5 to Disney 4-6x per year the past 5 years. Why should I be excluded, when locals only go 1-2x a year and complain about people like me.

  10. Stacey

    I think it’s a good idea but what about maybe having days designated for out of state people also. This way more people can enjoy the short lived 15% capacity!

  11. Brittany

    I get it…they want to discourage out of town visitors from flocking to Anaheim..filling up airplanes, airports, restaurants, hotels, etc. but man does it suck. We have tickets for Touch of Disney on April 1st and now they announce that may be the day they officially reopen. So we can be there on that day in the park but aren’t allowed otherwise? We’re driving 16 hours from Oregon, haven’t gone anywhere since the pandemic started, and have played by the rules SO carefully. It’s sad and upsetting that once again, the people who haven’t done so continue to ruin the fun for others with their endless traveling, mask refusal, and “scamdemic” propaganda. If we would have all followed the rules from the start we might not be where we are today.

  12. Tim

    I have been bringing my family to Disneyland and.DCA 6-7x a year for nearly 10 years as AP holders. Why should I be excluded just because I don’t have CA zip code. Sorry, IMO, this is a garbage move by a garbage Governor.

  13. Donna Gray

    My family lives in Northern Nevada, 15 miles from the California state line, near Lake Tahoe. We have been counting the “endless days” until we could go get some magic in our hearts. It’s a bummer that we don’t get to go yet. Have fun whoever gets to go!
    What is funny though – our Governor Sisolak has been saying “Stay Home, Stay Safe Nevada!” “But we are open for other states to come visit us!”
    He mostly meant the casinos in Reno and of course his “hometown” of Las Vegas!
    See you soon Disneyland and California Adventure! ?

  14. Thomas Cain

    Hold on I think you are all getting ahead of yourselves! Under the new guidelines if your county is in the Purple tier then the parks will remain closed. Right now Orange County is still in the Purple tier, so unless that changes under the new guidelines, Disneyland won’t be able to open until Orange at least drops to the Red tier.

  15. Arizona Disney Fan

    Random Thoughts:

    So will the state ban non-California resident Cast Members? Where does Josh D’Amaro live? The rest of the prep team? I’d assume that they are going to need some Florida Cast Members to train the CA Cast Members in new protocols?

    Our little city in Arizona (Lake Havasu) is overrun with CA residents renting all of our homes and VRBO’s since the start of the pandemic. We have welcomed them with open arms, as they likely kept our economy thriving. We have had very small COVID numbers the entire time, even with our population swelling with mostly anti-maskers from Southern California who were trying to get relief from overreaching leadership. The state kept moving the goal posts when nothing was taking the numbers down. The numbers are going down now because of a variety of reasons including vaccines and herd immunity. (I am pro-mask)

    The state of CA has changed the rules so many times and tiers and tier systems and then health equity measures and just so many made-up ideas, it’s a wonder that everyone’s talking about Newsom when Dr. Mark Ghaly is a huge part of the problem there as well. He just made up new initiatives and the governor signed off on them.

    We have 15 of the most expensive Annual Passes in our family and are now considered “Legacy Passholders” since the program was discontinued. We rent a lot of hotel room nights per year between all of us in our group. We fly in private plane and stay for days, many times per year. We always get 3-4 rooms and if we are there for 4 or 5 days 7 or 8 times per year, that’s a lot of room nights in a year. We are Disney’s ideal demographic: plenty of disposable income and a love of all things Disney combined with philanthropic tendencies. We spend a lot of money at the parks and in the surrounding businesses during each visit. We don’t party, we don’t start fights, we aren’t filming Youtube videos. We are just there to escape reality for a few days.

    We are happy for the Cast Members and for the CA residents.

    Our state is open to be full of CA residents to the point where we have few houses for our own residents to rent or buy, and yet we are not welcome there because of arbitrary and made-up-on-the-fly rules that have no basis in science or reality.

    The hoteliers there should be screaming from their rooftops.

  16. Bob

    I am a CM at the Disneyland Resort and this comment is to the nice lady and her 3 young sons I met on the OCTA bus as I was heading home on 7/01/2021. I didn’t get your name or your sons name but you were needing directions on which stop to get off on and which transfer bus to take to get to the Pirates Dinner Adventure. As we talked I showed you my Disneyland badge that I had in my pocket and asked if you were in town to go to Disneyland. You said yes that you guys had tickets for tomorrow. Always eager to chat about the Happiest Place on Earth, I think I overwhelmed you with too many questions. Which park were you going to? Do you have a park hopper? Did you remember to make theme park reservations? Do you have the Disneyland app on your phone? As the bus neared the stop you were getting off I could see by your expression that you were more worried about getting your family to the dinner show on time. As you exited the door and the bus pulled away I felt heartbroken that someone may not have taken the time to tell you a better and safer way to get to the dinner show from your hotel. I felt heartbroken that someone may not have taken the time to tell you some of the helpful tips in making your day at Disneyland more magical. I felt heartbroken because I could have gotten off with you guys to sprinkle a bit of Pixie dust to your day and made sure you got on the right bus and made sure you knew how to get back to your hotel after the dinner show.
    I sincerely hope you and your boys made it there on time and enjoyed the show. More importantly, I hope your day at Disneyland tomorrow is full of magical moments and memories for your family to cherish forever.

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