Comments for EPCOT Tests New Show With Guests Still in the Park!

epcot testing

Credit: @DisneyPrincessCouture_ on Instagram


  1. EricJ

    Oh, so that’s what the, quote, “Stargate” does, now that the central-ring barge has been up in the lagoon.

  2. Bill

    Wow, so we lose our World Showcase view and have to see this ugly thing all day long, and this thing isn’t even that great. Seriously, should of had an updated flame/world barge, and some new smaller ones. We don’t need the crappy star gate. And don’t say that they will hide it all day. Look at world of color. The technicians are always doing something on it in the show position, ruining the view that is supposed to be there

  3. Justin White

    At this point I wouldn’t even care if Harmonious is a better show than Reflections of Earth. I’d rather have no night time spectacular on World Showcase Lagoon than see that hideous looking hardware sitting out there all day ruining the serenity of the whole back half of the park. This is a fail in my book, regardless of how impressive the actual show may be.

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