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  1. Letusbreathe

    Did it have something to do with the wearing of a mask, I wonder.

    1. Jefffrey L Hoover

      Mask probably didn’t help. Wearing them outdoors is ridiculous.

      1. Natasha

        I agree! And so does CDC because it states on their website that catching the virus outdoors without a mask is close to zero % chance! One would have to stand very close to someone for at least 15 in order to possibly catch anything. You can’t catch it just walking past people which is what people do at WDW. It’s literally pseudo science to believe otherwise. Even if this guy died of over hearing due to the muzzle, it will never be published and Disney won’t ever admit it. It’s very sad. Disney only cares about your bottom line, Even If it kills people or discriminates again autistic children. They most definitely don’t care about you catching the virus or their water parks wouldn’t be opened at all where no masks are allowed near it in the water. I know one can’t wear the SKAMS in the water, but why open the water park then if the virus is so dangerous if will infect you with it a SKAM on?

        1. Tad

          “One would have to stand very close to someone for at least 15 in order to possibly catch anything”. Using Natty’s logic (which I’m sure has been tested and is based on a foundation of science) if you stand in line for a ride for more than 15 minutes with others in close proximity (because if you can’t require a mask you can’t require social distancing either?) you will catch the virus. So without masks no ride wait times can exceed 15 minutes 🙂 It’s pure genius, who isn’t for short wait times, raise your hand! But not the same hand you just used to touch the rail that an infected person touched right before you did…

          Just wear your masks as required by WDW or don’t go. If you dislike Disney, why read and comment on a website dedicated to Disney news??

      2. Sal tra

        Wow I can’t tell if you guys are trolling or just complete idiots. A mask will not cause you to go into cardiac arrest. You guys need mental help asap.

        1. Mickey Payne

          Some guests in poor health go to Disney ,
          as it was their happy place, and usually passing away there is

        2. Darrell

          I’m 100% serious. There’s as much evidence that this guy would still be alive if he hadn’t been required to wear a mask, as there is that all the Covid changes saved anyone’s life. Masks trap humidity and make it more difficult to breath, which can exasperate heart problems.

          1. Daddy Piranha

            *Citation needed.

    2. DisneyBoy

      Just stop with the Covidiot comments.

  2. Ta Lee

    Why is this newsworthy? People die every day but because it was at Epcot you feel the need to make it public? Pretty ghoulish, imo.

  3. Linda Schroer

    Ginnie: SO Sorry to see this. My deepest condolences to you, Robert, & Kristine.

  4. Linda Schroer

    Ginnie: SO sorry to see this. My sincere condolences to you, your son & daughter.

  5. Ginnie: SO sorry to see this. My sincere condolences to you, your son, & daughter. Linda

  6. Donnette M Covington

    People are going to die but disney has gotten rediculious with there policies anyway. They always say it’s a covid related thing. Especially after what they did to that little boy I’d say that place is going down hill fast

  7. Mickey Payne

    Park guests have been quietly passing away for years, must be a slow news day if you have to post it here.

  8. Crystal

    So sad to hear. Was he on the ride? They issue warnings on some rides that are intense for people eho have heart issues, or blood pressure issues. Was at MK on Saturday and it definitely wasn’t hot out. So it didn’t have anything to do with heat and mask wearing.

  9. Thomas B Christie

    I worked with and was friends with this gentleman since 1986. A wonderful guy and a huge loss. My condolences to Ginnie and family

  10. Melanie Durham

    I am so sorry to hear about the loss of this man at this happy place! My thoughts and prayers are with his family!

  11. Dsrrell

    Well, there goes the “if wearing a mask saves just one life” argument. Wearing a mask, outside, in 90+ degree heat, and 100% humidity is just asinine.

  12. Cas

    It was not even close to 90° or even 100% humidity….had nothing to do with the mask. They don’t suffocate you.

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