Droid Roams Disney Springs Surprising Guests With Roses

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Credit: jojocrichton on TikTok

When Guests visit Disney World, a certain level of magic is often expected. Typically, the stunning resorts, immersive theme parks, and world-famous rides that make your jaw drop in amazement are what Guests go home remembering. But at times, other Guests help create magic moments!

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Credit: Disney

Well, former Cast Member and popular Disney TikToker Jojo Crichton (@jojocrichton) is always spreading magic on the platform, but recently, he took things to another level!

Credit: jojocrichton on TikTok

Interacting with other Guests and strangers during a pandemic is tough, especially when you want to respect everyone’s distance. But, what if you had a middle-man who was a robot that could help you do some of the talking? Well, that is exactly what Jojo did.

Jojo took his droid that Guests can purchase at Droid Depot in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and — with a sticky note that reads “Take a rose” and a rose attached — sent R2 -J0J0 (that’s what he named his droid!) roaming around to give Guests and Cast Members a special treat. The reactions were awesome!


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We can see that every time R2-J0J0 approached a Guest or Cast Member, it would spin around, and then present the rose. It was priceless to see the shocked look on everyone’s faces when the droid approached them with a rose and it definitely allowed those Guests to feel an extra moment of magic. 

Personally, I liked that we could see Jojo hiding while he was controlling the droid, because it made the confused reaction by the Guests turn out even better when they couldn’t find out where it came from.

Credit: jojocrichton on TikTok

Jojo ended the video by referencing The Bachelor which was quite perfect, given the fact that he was handing out roses to people who were basically strangers! Unfortunately, his final rose hand-out went too well, when R2-J0J0 was scooped up and carried away by the rose recipient!

Don’t worry, Jojo got his “child” back in the end!

What would you do if a droid handed you a rose in Walt Disney World?

Although we can’t promise you roses, a Disney World Vacation is always full of fun for everyone involved. Click here to begin booking today.

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