Comments for Disney’s Return to Normal Begins With EPCOT’s Next Festival

Epcot food and wine

Credit: Disney


  1. Karen

    I’m hoping disney world in florida by September it will be back to normal, no masks, social distance gone we can give the disney
    characters hugs , September is still a far bit away but it’s possible for international flights to enter America again
    Fingers crossed as long as we keep to masks, social distance & hand sanatise now we should be OK by September

    1. Mark Kaplan

      Shutting down the whole world in general from this biological attack was a silly and suicidal thing our country had done.

    2. Connie

      If they (Disney executives) would listen to the governor they would be back to the real normal not this so called “new normal”.

  2. Lindsey Cannon

    When can I hug Mickey Mouse again at Disney World?

  3. Kristina Sanders

    I am hoping by the 50th things will be back to normal. Especially with vaccines becoming more and more available. Disney has done a phenomenal job with keeping everyone safe, but its time to get operations back to normal even if masks and health checks are still inforced. Let people at least take pictures with them off outside usually there is noone within 6 ft of the party at hand.

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