Comments for Disneyland Proposes MAJOR Theme Park Expansion

disneyland third theme park

Credit: Disney


  1. EricJ

    But what will they build? DCA originally only came out of recycling area ideas from the abandoned Disney America park and rewriting them into “California” settings.

    1. DFI

      It doesn’t matter what they want to build, they are knowing Anaheim is going to turn it down. Giving them an excuse to close Disneyland and move it elsewhere.

      1. CN


  2. CC


  3. Pauline Navarro

    As much as I am happy to hear this, all I want to know is WHEN WILL DISNEY STOP THE ABSURD MASK REQUIREMENT OUTSIDE? I will not bring my family back until we can go unmasked outside. I will not subject myself or my family to such unscientific abuse of power, driven by fear. Especially my disabled members, forget about it.

    1. Connie

      Paulinee, I feel your pain and agree. Disney seems to follow their own rules, not Florida’s governor.

  4. S

    Pie in the sky. I simply cannot see this project going forward.

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