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  1. Kathleen Schwartz

    Assuming 80K capacity at 15% would be about 12,000 folks, this would be a win-win for both sides. My guess is that many Disneyland cast members have found other work or at a minimum will need refresher training. New cast members will need training. By allowing 15% (or even less), Disneyland will probably not be making a profit. But, the ability to work out all the safety issues is worth it.
    Personally, I would preferred a later reopening only so that more folks would be vaccinated. But, even though I am a vaccinated senior citizen, I would consider returning in April.

  2. Tucker

    The posts on this site are increasingly useless.

  3. Jeff Eisenstein

    I live in Arizona & the way that I see it, this is definitely a step in the right direction. True, I can’t go in the park like I want to but now, many employees of California theme parks can return to work & earn a living again.

    This is better than the parks staying closed & they will hopefully be open in time for my trip in November.

  4. E

    As long as mask mandate and social distancing are in place, this is wonderful news

  5. Michelle D

    Wish I could be allowed to go, but am happy for the DL CMs! May this be a magical year…instead of the tragical one last year.

  6. Kk

    I was excited at first. We have been passholders for decades. We also lived in California most of our lives.
    Now we live out of state but the same distance as before but we can’t go because of a state line.
    Very disappointed. Hope they don’t deep this restriction in place forever more.

  7. Phoebe L Ho

    I’ll be back in June. I doubt they’ll reopen before the “Touch of Disney ” event ends in late April, and they need time to call cast members back, re-train everyone, and touch up all the rides to get them out of rust and dust. And by that time more people will have been vaccinated, so I’ll feel even safer about going.

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