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Attraction Wait Times

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  1. Chris

    I would honestly be shocked if the submarines were allowed to reopen, in fact I wouldn’t be shocked to see them never reopen.

    If they are allowed to reopen, they will have the longest wait and honestly there would be no excuse for any ride to not be allowed to reopen considering the extremely poor ventilation in them.

  2. Phoebe L Ho

    I don’t think the subs or the monorail will reopen for awhile yet. I don’t think they should reopen Autopia yet, since it is one of the highest-touch attractions in the whole park. As for long wait times for rides mostly indoors, my predictions run towards New Orleans Square and Space Mountain, or at least those are the ones I’m most concerned about personally. Of course Splash Mountain will have a long wait, though it is fast-loading, seeing as how everyone will be clamoring for one last thrill….

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