Comments for Hacked or Glitch? Disney Live Streams ‘Rise of Skywalker’ Trailer

rise of skywalker

Credit: Disney


  1. Diana Bai

    RoSW was a complete piece of garbage. 100 meaningless sub plots and new characters nobody cared about. Throw in an absurd ending with 50000 star destroyers just sitting on a backwater planet, each staffed by thousands with no explanation as to how they were built or the crews were fed.

  2. Troy

    Unfortunately TRoS is the worst Star Wars film

  3. Wander McMooch

    RoSW was still better than the new Christmas special. The OLD Christmas special was better than the new Christmas special.

  4. Autist

    Sequels Bad

  5. Danceclaw

    In my opinion, Tros wasn’t that bad it’s just the fact that there was to many subplots that just ruined the film, not to mention all the nostalgia they tried to bring. Disney only tried to go with the bland brought back from death and not making a new, exquisite villain.

  6. ReoublicOfJeff

    Yeah but if you run a site like this you can’t talk bad about Disney, Lucasfilm or any of their products because they will try and cancel you or Pablo Hildago will talk trash about you.

    1. Heather

      Pablo Hidalgo is a piece of garbage that no one should care about.

      1. now thats not very Jedi like

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