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  1. Michael

    As a former bus driver at WDW, there are many reasons why the buses could be delayed. But what many people don’t know or realize is that when the any mode of transportation goes down, the buses are the ones that come to the rescue, so to speak. With the monorail or ferry boats, buses transport guests between Magic Kingdom and the Transportation and Ticket Center, and even EPCOT. If the Skyliner goes down, which it does for really any kind of inclement weather, the buses not only fill in with park transportation, but also a route with multiple buses that only travel to each resort that the Skyliner services, and the same is said for the Friendship Boats when they go down. The buses may not be as glamorous as other modes as transportation, but I don’t believe them to be any less reliable as the other modes, and the bus operation is greatly affected when needed to save the day and cover for every other mode of transportation when something happens to it.

  2. Jon

    The fastest transport to Magic Kingdom is private car. Get a reason to park at the Contemporary and Walk over to entrance. Usually 10 minutes tops.

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