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  1. ANON

    They are also working on closing stores worldwide however they haven’t announced which yet

  2. I have felt their stores have looked tired and their merchandise unappealing during our last few visits. The Magic is gone from the stores, so in that sense, online is just as good (or bad).And I am a big Disney fan.

    1. KenG

      My thoughts as well. The Disney Store, at least near us often looked cluttered and the lighting was dark – Just not that inviting. They were sort of stuck in the late-90s I think.
      To be fair, we live near Disneyland where we could get our AP discount so going to a Disney Store was not a big deal.

    2. Janet M Barnes

      3 stores have closed here in Georgia already.

  3. Sandi

    I just hope they will allow international shoppers to purchase items. Currently Canadians cannot buy from ShopDisney.com
    Therefore if our Canadian stores close we have no ability to purchase items at all.
    Target closed here a few years ago as well, so just generally out of luck!

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