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  1. Ashlie

    This is BS and I’m so upset brick and mortar stores are closing. I don’t normally buy Disney merch online….ugh the scalpers will get everything!

  2. Rob

    Big loss on Disney’s side. I cannot imagine these stores were so far in the red that closing them was necessary. These stores were great exposure, and gave Disney a chance to interact with customers & fans outside of the typical park experience.
    If I cannot find a Disney store, I will not buy it online. People need to realize the damage they’ve done to the retail environment supporting companies like Amazon.

  3. Lauren

    This just stinks. My store’s on the hit list, too. More people will lose jobs. I’m frustrated that so many people will only or mostly buy online now. Online shopping can’t compare to the tactile experience of shopping in person. Shipping costs just add to your purchase prices. Disney rarely let’s you get AP/DVC discounts online. And stuff runs out so fast online, especially due to reseller pirates. Ugh, this is not the way to go. Society just keeps getting less social and more home bound. Way to go Disney.

  4. mf09250

    There goes my store. You know, not everyone loves shopping online. There’s something special about visiting in person.

    Either way, this sucks.

  5. Debbie

    This is the worst! I take my grandchildren there all the time. Even with the limited amount of people in the store right now, people were willing to wait in lines to get in. Bug mistake Disney.

  6. Nancy Bass

    broke my heart this morning 😭 why close all 3 stores here in San Antonio!

    This was me and my daughters magic place. Before covid we would attend the special events and would be there first in line on special releases..She would be soo happy to open the stores. She would even get all dressed up because this was our thing to do on the weekends when I was off work.

    We met so many people and made some friends. Some of the staff already knew us and would call us by our name.. Now,not 1 but all 3 locations are being taken.. This hurts 💔

    And the nearest one now is a couple hours away and shopping online is not the same. Not having that experience and my daughters excitement, having to pay for shipping too is not a win win at all!


    ✨this was not just a store it was our happy place

  7. Nancy Heidkamp

    I am sorry to learn the ONLY Disney store in my area is closing. I was a frequent shopper in your store. I will NEVER EVER buy anything on line. You just lost a loyal customer

  8. PekaFisherman

    I see both sides of this decision, and it is ugly for both.
    From the brick and mortar consumer side, closing the stores means that the guests cannot see the merchandise in person, versus online, because what you see online MAY look nice and appealing, but seeing it in person, is a completely different experience. There’s no shipping costs involved in “in person” purchases, either. To echo the other comments, there IS something magical about going into the stores, interacting with the cast members, and letting your children/ grandchildren enjoy the videos played in the mini theater.
    From a company perspective, the loss of so many cast members is a difficult decision to make, but this is a direct result of the pandemic, and the financial loss of each location while they were closed, versus the now current leases at the locations.
    I’m very heartbroken for the cast members, because I know they put a lot into making magic for the guests, and to have it taken away, is devastating. But a few of the California stores that are slated to close, I can’t say I’m surprised, because they are very small, (square footage wise, in comparison to other locations).
    Santa Anita is very small, as is Montclair, (which actually had a Mickey’s Diner inside, in the early 90’s). Montebello? Can’t say I’m surprised there, but Santa Monica? All I can say about that one, is there’s direct competition from the Century City store, that is one of the company’s “flagship” stores, and extremely interactive.
    I just wish the company would revisit opening a Disney Character Warehouse again in the LA/ OC region, so guests have the opportunity to purchase items from the parks that are past season, but still very cool.

  9. Fran

    Any european Disney Store may close? On the new just only say shops on US and Canada.

    Barcelona (Spain) had 2 Disney Stores (Portal de l’Àngel, the Barcelona’s golden mille, and Illa mall). One of they may be probably to close (Spain had a online Disney Store).

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