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disney skyliner stuck

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  1. Natasha

    Yeah no thanks! I will walk!

  2. Mark Kaplan

    Anyone who ever said monorail & Skyliners were dangerous never sat in the back of a yellow cab while going the wrong way at 90 miles an hour through the midtown tunnel with a guy who can’t speak a lick of English. My buddy, Crazy Abdul…..

  3. kathleen Karen cuce


  4. Victoria

    Article mentions free busses to get around if you’re afraid of heights -wrong! We stayed at Pop in Jan, and if the skyliner runs to a destination (epcot, Hollywood studios) then they are NOT running busses to that location, you either take the skyliner or pay for outside transportation!

    1. Tad

      That’s fiction …. Pop, Art of Animation and Caribbean still had/have bus service. Frequency was reduced to about once an hour but they still run the buses if you don’t want to ride the Skyliner. Vic, all you had to do was ask.

      1. Daniel

        Service was revised after the covid-19 shutdown. There hasn’t been regular bus service from the skyliner resorts to Epcot or Hollywood Studios since July of 2020. Don’t take my word for it, call and verify for yourself.

  5. Paul

    Those of us who’ve lived in “ski country” for a while understand the foibles of lift-type transportation. When it works it’s great. When the wind blows or they break down, not so much.

  6. Hilary

    This is why we refuse to stay at Skyliner resorts. Being forced to take the Skyliner is a no for us. My hubby can’t even do the Monorail. Unlike the article states, the Skyliner resorts do not offer bus transportation to the resorts it is connected to by the Skyliner. So if you stay at Pop there is no other way to get to Epcot and Hollywood Studios other than the Skyliner.

    1. A

      That is simply wrong. All resorts offer free transportation to park. Please, you should have asked at concierge.

      1. J

        Actually it’s not false… my family stayed at a skyliner hotel in November of 2020… we had a wheelchair in our party and asked the front desk about a bus to Hollywood studios and were told it was only the skyliner offered at this time. They did say it was wheelchair accessible but as we were worried about getting stuck up there we had to drive.

      2. J

        It’s not wrong. Prior to covid they did offer busses but rarely. We stayed at carribean Beach in November 2020 and asked the front desk about the bus and were told it was only the skyliner at this time to Hollywood studios. That’s why the majority of the hotels opened at this time are skyliner so they can run fewer busses. We ended up driving to hollywood studios after speaking with the hotel desk.

    2. Jean

      Or you could take bus to different park and hop another bus to epcot or hollywood

      1. Eric

        Hard pass

  7. Peter T. Mitros

    We go to WDW a LOT, and believe me, it DOES happen!

  8. Peter and Diane Mitros

    JUST make sure you all use the rest room facilities BEFORE you board!

  9. Mark

    I wonder if there will be such issues when the new skyliner from the airport to the TTC (replacing the Magical Express) is completed next year?

    1. Barry

      There is going to be a train from MCO to Disney Springs, not a Skyliner from MCO to TTC.

      1. Scott

        Thats still not a valid replacement for DME.. I hope they aren’t considering it as one. People think the crowds are bad at the airport now, wait until everyone from the airport gets dumped there trying to get to resorts dragging luggage around.. that will be horrible for them and the others they trample! Im hoping Mark was just trolling on that post lol — That would be a hard pass on riding a skyliner from MCO to Disney — even if it were feasable.

        1. Daryll Wilson

          I’m pretty sure Disney is taking as ll that into consideration. I have a feeling they will have buses dedicated just for that.

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