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  1. christie

    Thanks for the information. We’re going late April and will want to do Rope drop for HS. Should we do the skliner or would we be better off getting a Lyft or Uber to the park? Thanks!

    1. Kelly Connerton

      Take the bus. I waited 40 minutes at the connecting hub. I coukd get right on at Art of Animation but the hold up was at the hub

  2. Math Person

    You may want to relook at your timing. 8:40-9:12 is 32 minutes, not 22 minutes. That totally kills your later reasoning that waits weren’t as bad as posted lol

    1. Anonymous

      It says 9:02 in the article… maybe you should relook

      1. Anonymous

        I’m not the original commenter, but wanted to mention that the article has been updated. The first time I read it, it said 9:12. Must have been a typo.

  3. Meh

    We’re staying at POP during spring break. Are they no longer running busses at all between POP and Epcot and HS?
    Thank you!

    1. Kelly Connerton

      They are

      1. WDW bus driver

        Don’t count on regular buses at Pop, Art, Caribbean, and Riviera to/from Epcot and Hollywood. They only run if the Skyliner goes down.

  4. We stayed at Riviera recently and I believe that is where the longest wait time occurs. The disadvantage to boarding at Riviera if you want to go to Epcot is it is the middle “stop” for the Skyliner. What I mean by this is that people who board Skyliner at the Caribbean Beach hub because they want to go to Epcot do not exit at Riviera. In turn, this creates less empty Skyliner cars so you have to wait longer for an empty one.
    This issue occurs only for those people staying at Riviera or in the nearby Caribbean Beach buildings. The other stops do not have this issue because people disembark the cars thus the cars are always empty. Since we have stayed at Riviera only once I do not know if this was isolated or if it is a regular occurrence, however, it is worth mentioning so people can prepare for a potential delay.

  5. SG

    22 minutes is too long – they should be 10.

  6. AYC

    We walked to the front of Epcot after seeing the line at the Skyliner after a 13 mile day to hop on a bus to Riviera only to be told there were no busses. Only transport for Riviera was the Skyliner. That wait was longer than 7DMT, FOP, slinky dog and Test Track combined. What a shame to stay at such a nice resort but have very limited transport options.

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