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Disney+ price increase


  1. KenG

    Fortunately for us we took advantage of the promo 3-year deal that averages about $399 per month.
    So yes, my advice is go for the $69.99 yearly deal – Do it now! Well worth it. (And even worth it at the monthly cost!)

  2. James Honeycutt

    Ho do I buy the 1 more year at the lower price? NO links in the article.


    James Honeycutt

    1. Gerry

      Where is the link to do this???

  3. How do I purchase the one more year at the lower price? I’ve been searching for a link since yesterday! Gerry Irr

  4. How do I purchase the one more year at the lower price ?I’ve been looking for the link to do this since yesterday!! Gerry Irr


    I’m a 70 year old widow and this service has been fun for me. However, if the price increases, are we going to be able to see the new movies released without having to pay $30? That price for a new movie might be worth it for a family, but for someone who lives on Social Security as the only income is way to expensive.

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