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  1. My husband likes the idea because he doesn’t like wearing a magic band. We did carry extra batteries for the phones on our last trip. You can get them from amazon.

  2. TCL

    I am not a fan of MagicMobile but as long as the MagicBand will still work it shouldn’t ruin trips to Disney. I don’t want to have to dig my phone out of my pocket multiple times throughout the day. Will parents be able to add their children through MagicMobile and toggle between profiles for park entry, FastPass+, etc.? The MagicBand is great for pool access and then as a key to one’s room as it can get wet unlike most mobile phones.

    1. KenG

      You bring up the best feature of the MagicBands and that is you can swim with them.

    2. Hugh Matthew Sandgathe

      I think I’ll be okay with Magic Bands because it takes less time but I’ll consider MagicMobike as a backup plan.

      1. Heidi Gaspard

        I think magic mobile is a very good idea. It will be a-lot quicker to get into the park.

  3. KenG

    I would be all for this IF that also make this Apple Watch compatible. It was my experience with MagicBands on our 2014 trip that made me want an Apple Watch when they first came out. The ease of paying for something without pulling out my iPhone is wonderful.

  4. Rroe

    Nice if you own a “Smart Phone”. Unfortunately I still have a dumb phone. Disney’s Magic Band system works, but the problem was that Disney did not manage the system properly and it cost them to much money. I have been (till the Pandemic) a Annual Passholder. Disney would send me Magic Bands continually in the mail. NOT CHEAP!! I have drawers full of these. One bands battery will last 2 years. Disney never had the smarts to figure this out.

    1. Andre D

      Disney eventual gave you an option to opt out of new magic bands. Which we have taken advantage of many times.

  5. Jen

    I like the idea of the phone as a backup. Really like the idea of the watch acting as a magic band. I love the fashion and expression you can show with a magic band BUT they’re just not that comfy. Guess Disney will have to start making Apple Watch bands so we can wear a decorative one on park day.

  6. Donna

    My family loves the Magic band (8 of us) dragging out the phone & draining the battery not a good thing for us. We do WDW resort vacations about 4 times a year and dragging phone backup is a pain. Would love if newer mobile offering works on Apple Watch, that Would be a real game changer as long as it doesn’t wipe out battery. As an added note, we have the fob you put your Magic band button into, we keep them on retractable cord keychains and they are super convenient to attach to belt, purse, whatever if you don’t like the band (my husbands not a fan band on wrist) even though I love to wear the band (have big collection) I do find the fob convenient in many situations especially when entering parks with kids.

  7. EM

    If something happens to your phone at the park or on your way to the park you are screwed. Rather have Magic Bands. To put profiles for your family on 1 phone would be too much of a hassle. On vacation I don’t want any hassles just relaxation and FUN.

  8. Happy 2012

    This is an interesting concept, it does say it will work with the Apple watch but as an Android household 🙄
    Extremely happy that we can still use Magicbands some of my family don’t have smart phones and refuse to get one😊.
    Also we use the fob holder one a retractable cord as well, so convenient!

  9. Larry

    I’m guessing a MagicBand will still be required for the attractions that take your photos and automatically send them to your My Disney account (rollercoasters for example). Having the option to use your phone is great, but the band has its perks as already pointed out.

  10. Amy

    I’ll stick with my Magic Band thanks. There is just too much dependency on our phones now a days. That would be too much dragging it out to use it throughout a day at the parks. And if something happens to your phone you are totally screwed!

  11. Casey

    What if people can’t afford smartphones? I guess they can’t afford disney either

  12. Laurie

    The one trip to WDW we loved the magic band. But, we are Disneyland goers. The max pass is amazing!! My favorite thing is the second my ticket for the park is scanned, you can immediately start on fast passes. Then I can be in line for a ride and add a new fast pass. No more running around the park! I often set my timer on my phone to add a pass. I usually bring a small backpack for the day. I bought a cute Minnie Fanny pack that I can get my phone out easy.

  13. Bob

    MagicMoble is a bad idea and is being implemented as a cost savings. Cell phones get lost, get left in the room, get dropped, and can be hacked easily. Also, everyone in your party will need a separate cell phone.

    Magic Bands are much better and are attached to one’s arm, and they can last five years.

  14. Pamela

    For some, this might be great. It would never work for us. We only carry a mini backpack to the parks with rain ponchos, small first aid kit, wipes, sanitizer and such in it. We only bring 1 of our cell phones, in a plastic baggie to protect it on wet rides. We always get Memory Maker, so I don’t even have to pull the phone out for photos. This new system would mean dragging it out constantly. Definitely prefer the Magic bands. I just hope they don’t end up phasing them out down the line.

  15. Bren

    Would someone explain to me why the heck you are paying thousands of dollars for a vacation to stay connected to a freaking phone????? I want to play, be disconnected. I am so glad I am still old fashioned enough to not want to be connected to technology when I’m away for fun. No, I don’t want to check my e-mail, check my facebook, order my food, find a ride. I want to be stress free, unscheduled. Oops, that’s right. Disney has been taking all of that away year by year. I did not miss going this year. First time in so long where I wasn’t planning where to eat six months out in whatever park! And then praying the weather would be great, and I’d feel like eating at the place selected for six months down the road. Imagine all the moments, memories lost because you were looking down at some screen. Too many. Thanks, keep it, and when I return, I guess I’ll get a key to the world card. Same thing I started with 20 years ago.

  16. sue

    I guess this is alright for phone lovers, however i much prefer having a band on my wrist which is immediately handy. phones are larger and do not fit in pockets or would be easier to lose. i love my variety of bands and love all the options from passes to charging. Please do not do away with them! i also agree most people spend too much time with technology and i have seen so many people not enjoying family because they are on phones.

  17. Andre D

    Well if it ends up being something like a QR code and since it can be added as a Wallet Pass than it could mean that is could be added to Apple Watch and that’s something I’ve wanted for a long time. Not having to wear a magic band on the other wrist but have it all incorporated on Apple Watch would be great!

  18. SG

    I love this idea. You choose between Magic Band OR smart phone! Your choice. Even plastic cards will be available. As much as Magic Bands are cool, they are a waste of plastic and batteries. I like the choices.

  19. Tonya

    Sounds like a GREAT IDEA for holding up the lines. GUARANTEED that almost every line that you are in will have at least one guest fumbling around trying to get their phone out instead of having it ready in advance. Wish Disney would stop “fixing” things that aren’t broken.

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