Comments for Could Legislation Bring Back Disney Cruises Sooner?

disney cruise line characters on staircase

Credit: Disney


  1. James Arthur

    I don’t see this going anywhere given there are smaller cruise lines that are USA based with USA built ships and crew. Why give foreign cruise lines the upper hand over USA companies?

    I could see the short term exemption passing if it ties future ships to being built at USA ship yards.

  2. Jamie

    I had a Disney cruise booked in December 2020 & couldn’t wait to go. Obviously it didn’t happen but would still go but not if all restrictions are lifted. I won’t wear a mask outside in the middle of the ocean & all throughout the ship. That’s not a vacation. Ended up going to Gatlinburg in December & had a great time. Wore mask inside stores & to sit at a restaurant but that’s it. No problems at all and they were packed. We need to go forward not backwards. Disney seems to be going backwards & it needs to change.

  3. Carol

    Ridiculous. Disney cruises sail from Canada so no, these will NOT happen. Not as if they can just go from Seattle, those port schedules were made months ago. Give it up, Alaska cruises are not happening in 2021, at least not on a Disney ship.

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