Comments for CEO Bob Chapek Shares Hope For Disney College Program

Disney College Program

Credit: Disney


  1. Kathryn Stovall

    I just want to say thank you for reporting on this topic! I was the person who asked that second question, and it is an honor to have my question reported on by a news site I have been going to for so many years! Thank you so much!!!!!

  2. Iam

    It must be nice that most got to stay furloughed or go back to work, but the Cast Members that were laid off and non-union was mostly because the high and mighty Executives were to greedy to give up their bonuses, even though they were preaching about caring for the Cast Members. Also, a joke when some say favortism wasn’t thrown into the mix of who was laid-off. So are the Executives and Board of Directors going to bring back the non laid-off workers and keep their word about caring for their Cast Members??? I am going to say no…

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