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Daisy Ridley as Rey

Credit: Lucasfilm


  1. T. Ruth

    A liar or someone not afraid to express their opinion, who do you trust? I’ll take Gina any day over lying Daisy!

  2. Bill

    Thus the label of Liberal. The dream world of a liberal is very tolerant of everything but responsibility, integrity, commitment, & reality.
    Other than that they’re great to work with.
    Disney couldn’t resist. Now doubles down on scraping Gina Carano episode with Bear Grilles. I grew up and still live less than 45 miles from the real Disney. 5th Gen Florida. Corporate leftist Disney doesn’t get any of our entertainment or investment money anymore.
    Welcome to stay attached to the intellectual minority as the spin clockwise into the abyss on Liberal Tides.
    Heard they’re building a set of stairs that you fall down on as you walk up. The Biden Stairway of Terror. To make it more realistic, the ride has a separate ticket price and the stairs go nowhere at the top.

  3. Glenn

    This article complety leaves out that Shirley Henderson worked alongside Daisy Ridley in The Rise of Skywalker as she voiced Babu Frick. The pair meet on Kijimi.

  4. What’s new? Disney lies about her being the chosen one and more powerful than Anakin and Luke. She is just a joke and even she knows it. That’s probably why Kathleen Kennedy picked her to play Rey. Terrible acting and pathetic Force power self- raising. Not even i consider the sequels canon. It’s all just a bunch of made feminism crap thought up by Kathleen Kennedy. The only canon that I know is episodes 1 through 6 and then the EU, which is considered semi-canon just to screw with Disney.

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