Comments for Daisy Ridley Thinks Grogu Is Too Cute to Use the Force

rey using the force (left) and grogu using the force (right)

Credit: Lucasfilm (both images)


  1. Heather

    A reunion will happen at some point in the series. I look forward to watching how everything unfolds in the lives of Grogu and Din Djarin.

  2. Andrew

    I really find it hard to believe that the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy was that unpopular. I agree the 2nd movie was not good, but the other two were, and they all did well at the box office (aka people came back for 3rd). I could easily argue that in terms of quality, they were MUCH better than the Prequel Trilogy, but in terms of popularity, it seems like there’s a loud minority that doesn’t like them just because they came out of Disney.

    1. Darth Critiques

      The prequels were awesome and grew Star Wars lore in amazing ways (allowing for all sorts of neat Expanded Universe stuff). Outside of Jar Jar (who is a bit too childish for some tastes), the prequels tell a comprehensive story in a world that is consistent with itself. Yep, there are speedbumps, but the overall really does work as single united trilogy.

      The Disney sequels are…
      1) Force Awakens is a decent and fun, if not original, re-intro to the world. Good characters and pace, BUT then comes…

      2) TLJ: Some interesting ideas and twists but a train wreck of story-telling that ignored what came before, contradicted itself while happening and finally didn’t care about what came next, so much so, that the audience walked away not caring either, which led to Disney writing the blazes out of…

      3) ROS: Which is fun romp that only works as a massive corrective measure to TLJ. It struggles overtime (and feels like it) to fix a sinking ship that was sinking because nobody bothered to look for holes when the overarching story left dock all the way back in TFA.

    2. Heather

      The prequels were fine, although the oddball is The Phantom Menace; it doesn’t seem to blend in with the rest of them. The main reason others don’t like The Last Jedi was because of Luke’s character arc. They obviously haven’t gone through any tragedy in life or they would understand why he became fearful, angry, and bitter. He lost EVERYTHING. I completely get it; I’ve been there. Those of us who go through devastating tragedy and losses know what it’s like to be in Luke’s place. It destroys your mind and soul. At least he came out of it and came to be at peace in the end; some people NEVER recover. My main problem was The Rise of Skywalker. The whole ending, with Rey taking on the Emperor by herself, dying, Ben bringing her back to life at the cost of his own life, Rey taking on the name “Skywalker”, was a joke. I wanted to see them BOTH take him on, not die, and live happily ever after. That’s what I believe George Lucas would’ve done had he been in charge of these sequels. But I’ll watch these movies again someday regardless.

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