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Cast Members at Disneyland

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  1. Iam

    It must be nice that most got to stay furloughed or start to head back to work, but the Cast Members that were laid off and non-union was mostly because the high and mighty Executives were to greedy to give up their bonuses, even though they were preaching about caring for the Cast Members. Also, a joke when some say favortism wasn’t thrown into the mix of who was laid off. So are the Executives and Board of Directors going to bring back the non laid-off workers and keep their word about caring for their Cast Members??? I am going to say no…

    Non union workers laid off near the end of 2020, couldn’t even be kept on furloughed knowing the resort would eventually open up soon? Why, because they didn’t want to spend the extra $ on paying insurance to high senority workers and give thise extra dollar bills pocketed into the high and mighty? Don’t even say Disney couldn’t afford to keep the 32,000 workers on board after one year of closure because we all know cash is coming in everywhere to that place. Also, with the special ticketed event, parking at Downdown Disney and the massive crowds that overwhelmed that side, they didn’t have any kind of inkling that when open they would be making bank?? So in the end, what is the REAL reason thise 32,000 workers were laid off and why can’t they be guaranteed to be brought back (not now but later in the year) when things pick up again?

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