Comments for What’s Next For Disneyland and Universal Studios?

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  1. KevinY

    I feel they have to let the Touch of Disney event run it’s course considering people waited in the virtual queue for 6 hours to get tickets. My best guess right now is they’ll reopen the parks May 6th.

    But personally I wish they’d wait a little longer so the majority of park visitors can actually be vaccinated. That could be achieved by very early June if the J&J vaccine helps to speed up the pace.

  2. Bradley

    While this is progress, Gov Newsom is still being unreasonable in the Tier guidelines as he lists In-State visitors only in Red, Orange AND Yellow. Red is understandable but could be years to get to the yellow tier which requires a 2 week average of 1 case or less per 100,000 residents! My wife had another variant of COVID years before the pandemic so we will never get rid of all cases, someone please educate this idiot so he’ll stop suppressing our lives. Once the vaccine is available to all there is no reason not to go back to normal. Why does he want to block tourism to California long term?

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