Comments for Every Character Boba Fett Wants to Kill In His Spinoff Series

boba fett

Credit: Lucasfilm


  1. Matt

    There’s no reason for Fett to want revenge on Han Solo. Han Solo was just business, a bounty, a payday. Secondly the whole “pole incident” was a complete fluke, an accident. And Fett survived because quite simply, he’s Boba Fett. Now unless somebody else puts a bounty on Han, there’s absolutely no reason for Fett to have a vendetta against him.

    1. Tyler Regan

      “In canon, Mace Windu survived the fall out of the Coruscant window, so that suggests that he is still alive somewhere, out there in a galaxy far, far away.”

      Who wrote this trash article? Mace Windu surviving Revenge of the Sith isn’t canon, it’s a fan theory. I swear this site is pure trash.

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