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  1. I recently booked and cancelled 2 trips to Walt Disney World. Covid restrictions have sucked the magic out of the Disney parks. No fireworks. No Character meet n greets. No fast passes. Must wear a mask 24/7. Social distancing. No meal plans. Limited places to stay. Cast members who are being rude and angry. It’s just not Disney. I am a Legacy pass holder for Disneyland and I refuse to go back until after the park gets back to normal. Very sad to say that you pay so much money for the chance to have Disney magic just for your whole experience to be all about Covid. No thank you!

  2. JoAnn Carter

    It will fail. I just don’t think anyone will want to see it without Johnny Depp. He just makes the movie. You’ve made 6. Do think it’s because of the great writing. Ugh no . It’s Depp he is just a great actor I don’t care how bad the writing is.

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