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Animal Crossing Build-a-Bear collection

Credit: Images from Nintendo and Build-A-Bear


  1. Imright

    Really? The stupid story npcs? You’re hyped for them? And then ofc just your favs. The only good one you listed was Marshall. No Raymond? Everyone stans that damn cat. If they don’t make Raymond but give us 5 sound chip options for albino Snoopy they might as well not.

    1. I think it’s fair to say including every AC character in the list would have been pretty unwieldy to read. I’m pleased you feel so passionately about Raymond to leave a comment and I hope that Build-A-Bear releases Raymond as I agree, a very popular character.

  2. Kkb

    Wow Raymond is the only character people care about Smh such a shame I just kicked Raymond of my island two days ago.

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