Comments for ‘Andor’ Will Reportedly Feature Two MAJOR Jedi Characters

ahsoka tano cassian andor obi-wan kenobi

Credit: Lucasfilm/Disney (all components)


  1. Backcountry164

    Andor, Disney’s desperate attempt to cash in on their one halfway decent movie. Literally who cares?? Did anyone anywhere actually think to themselves “this is a character I’d like to know more about”?? How many people had no clue what the show was even about when they announced it?We know how his story ends and nothing about that ending makes anyone want to see the beginning. Sorry but Obi Wan Kenobi isn’t going to stop this train from wrecking…

    1. Perceval23

      I like the Fulcrums, personally, and think they add some depth to the franchise with their “moral pragmatism”. Since Cassian is a Fulcrum agent, it makes sense for Ahsoka, as the founder of the Fulcrums, to appear.

      Don’t know if the Obi-Wan speculation is true, but I could see him having some questions regarding how far Ahsoka has strayed from the Jedi Code with her activities.

  2. Marcos

    Well, I’m very interested in this series, and I’m sure others are. Just ask anyone, like me, who knows what #fulcrum means.

    Fulcrum forever.

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