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  1. Jonathan Ryan

    Disney really needs to fix the poor choices of the Sequels trilogy. Both what they did to the derailing of Original trilogy characters just to rehash the same story with new characters who are far more boring, and to bring back the uber popular Legends characters that they should have capitalized upon by including in the Sequel trilogy. I mean come on, what they did was akin to the MCU giving us US Agent instead of Captain America.

    So the Sequels need to be relegated to a force vision or alternative timeline. Its basically the only way to start the process of fixing things. Then they can restore Luke Skywalker and Han Solo to their status as heroes.

    Then they can blend the most popular bits of both Legends and Canon back into a new timeline. Here having Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade getting married and having a family (say giving the Kira and Sam from Lucas’s outlines and later Ben Skywalker from Legends, who can be named after his older cousin Ben Solo after he saves pregnant Mara Jade like his Legends brother Anakin Solo did), maybe even finding Rey as a child and adopting her or just making her Mara’s daughter before they meet and Mara being Palpatine’s daughter (which she kinda already was before, now just more so. Plus now Ben Solo and Rey would be about the same age). Further, as just alluded to, give Han and Leia all their kids from both timelines. So Ben, Jaina, Jacen, and Anakin Solo. Anakin can now be reworked to being named as such for helping Ahsoka heal and Leia.

    Everybody camp gets their big desires this way. It’s not about choosing a camp or purposefully ignoring one over the other. Disney can now profit from both of them. All they really have to do is ignore Lucas’s retconning of Jedi not getting married by either having Luke be unaware of it or choosing to disregard it thinking it lead to the Jedi Order falling in the first place. Then the new Sequels can be about Luke and his sister Leia dealing with the dangers of attachments that they wrought upon themselves, thus mirroring Anakin Skywalker’s dilemma at the end of the Prequels. So now the lives of Anakin’s children will mirror their father but with the hindsight of his failures to lead to a new and original story verse just repeating things. Lucas himself said Star Wars was about Fathers and Sons, this direction of making Luke become a father is the best way to continue that.

  2. Matt Schantz

    Here’s one, how about the fact that the auther left co star DeForrest Kelly out if it even though his character was much more integral than either George Takei or James Doohan. Nevermind the fact that she misspelled Nichelle Nichols name.

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