Orlando White Castle Closes Virtual Kitchen Days After Offering Delivery

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Update 2/26:

Fox 35 Orlando has just reported that White Castle announced just two days after opening its virtual kitchen that the fast food company made the decision to shut down its virtual kitchen due to the overwhelming demand. White Castle said in a statement Thursday:

“We are going to pause operations at our virtual kitchen in Orlando until after our full-service restaurant location in the O-Town West development opens. The overwhelming number of orders for White Castle has been humbling and reinforces we made the right choice to choose Central Florida as the site for our next permanent destination Castle. Because of the relatively small size of the virtual kitchen and the incredibly high number of orders, running the virtual kitchen isn’t currently sustainable.”

At this time, White Castle plans to resume operations in the Spring to coincide with its full-service restaurant, which will open near Disney World.

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Credit: White Castle via Instagram

Original Article:

Have you ever been on your Walt Disney Resort vacation, after a day at Magic Kingdom followed by a night out at Disney Springs, and you instantly crave a burger? Lucky for Disney World Guests, we will soon be able to drive out to O-Town to purchase a White Castle burger! But for some who reside closer to the Downtown Orlando area, or for those who are staying farther off-property during their vacation, this magical moment will arrive even sooner.

White Castle is finally returning to Florida after not having any restaurants in the state for the past 50 years. The newest and largest location ever will take place in O-Town West, just minutes away from Disney World. At the moment, White Castle still has quite a bit of construction to go, as the restaurant has only recently gone vertical in construction. That being said, the company will be launching delivery as of February 23, 2021!

How will they be doing this you ask? Well, although their permanent location is not yet ready, it seems that White Castle will be running their operations out of a ghost kitchen and selling their delicious sliders through Uber Eats, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

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Credit: White Castle

Jamie Richardson, the White Castle Vice President said, “Having a virtual kitchen provides us the opportunity to be even more available, and at the same time, to give our new friends and neighbors in Orlando a taste of what’s to come as we continue to move towards opening our new location at O-Town West.”

White Castle lovers will need to work with a “concentrated collection” of White Castle items when it comes to delivery. Some available menu options will be the original and cheese sliders, crinkle-cut French fries, chicken wings, and mozzarella cheese sticks.

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Credit: Disney

The unfortunate downside to this for Disney World Guests is, “The food will be available within a 15-minute radius of the location at 18 N. Dollins Ave.”

After searching on our Google Maps app, it seems Walt Disney World Resort property is outside the 15-minute radius required to place an order. That being said, if you are an off-property Guest visiting Central Florida, or an Orlando local located closer to Downtown Orlando, you may have a better chance at having the slider dropped off at your door.

We reached out to the White Castle team for more information, and they shared the following with us:

No, guests to Disney and other theme parks are outside the DELIVERY window due to quality control, per the news release:

Deliveries will be made in partnership with Uber Eats and available within a 15 minute delivery radius of the facility, located close to John Young Parkway and Colonial Drive.

However, they can do this option:

.. Consumers can also choose to order online at whitecastle.com/orlando and pick up their order at 18 North Dollins Ave., Orlando, FL, 32805. Delivery operations will run from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. seven days per week.

If you want to see if your home or hotel will be eligible for the White Castle Uber Eats delivery service, you can take a look at how long it takes to drive from your address to the ghost kitchen address above. That being said, considering a 15-minute distance can grow and shrink depending on a variety of factors when driving, checking your Uber Eats app to see if White Castle is available will be your best bet.

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Credit: White Castle via Instagram

Delivery will be available from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. for burger eaters in range to enjoy the Harold and Kumar classic meal.

As we have previously reported, with 4,500 square feet of affordable and delicious meals available, Disney World Guests will be able to pop in and dine at will be a massive outdoor patio whenever they want to escape the Disney World crowds — and check off visiting the largest White Castle off their bucket list. The White Castle near Walt Disney World Resort is set to open sometime this year in 2021, just in time for the 50th anniversary, when so many more Guests will be flocking to Florida to celebrate!

Considering O-Town is in much closer range to Disney World, perhaps once the brick and mortar location is ready, delivery could potentially be available to Disney World property. That being said, at the moment nothing has been confirmed regarding if White Castle will continue their Uber Eats partnership, and if it does continue, in what radius it would continue to deliver to.

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Credit: White Castle

What CAN you Uber Eats when at Disney World?

White Castle may be off the table, for now, if you’re looking for delivery options while staying on Disney World property, but that does not mean you can’t order take-out at your Disney World Resort! Although Uber Eats offers to-go meals from fast food to table service, let’s take a look at some quick service options that can fill the White Castle void in our hearts (and stomach).

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Credit: Disney

For the purpose of this search, we set our location as Disney’s Pop Century Resort on the Uber Eats app. Please note that depending on your location, search results may vary.

  • Chick-fil-A is a popular eatery location, however, you are not getting any burgers here! That being said, if you want some chicken, this will definitely satisfy that craving.
  • Five Guys will be one of your go-to Uber Eats burger joints! With fresh meat patties, Five Guys is a great alternative to the classic Walt Disney World burger.
  • MrBeast Burger is a popular Orlando take-out spot when it comes to getting a good burger on the grill. This is a location that others from out of state may not know of — and especially out of the country — so ordering it can also be a unique experience for your party!
  • Shake Shack also has delicious burgers and even better milkshakes. I prefer the cookies and cream option, but don’t let my preferences sway you!

Don’t want burgers and fries?

  • Flippers Pizza is a great option if you don’t want a burger, but still something filling and delicious. Flipper’s is my favorite Orlando take-out pizzeria, especially because of their delicious thin crust option.
  • Chipotle is a fan-favorite and can give you all the meat your heart desires without the feeling that you are eating fast food again. Plus, there are great vegetarian options here. With a little Mexican flare, you can order this to-go meal while staying at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort and imagine you are in your own Mexico pavilion!
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Do you like to Uber Eats food when you are on your Disney World vacation?

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This article has been updated with more information.

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