Comments for New Far-UVC Light Technology Can Help Disney, Universal Battle Pandemic

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Credit: Disney


  1. Rick

    Sounds like a good idea but not necessary for California parks as the governor will be announcing openings shortly as the recall momentum increases.

  2. Nick

    Hey, remember a few months ago when Trump innocently asked the question about if something, essentially like what is being explored & advocated here, could help in the Covid fight? And, remember that everyone either laughed at him or were horrified? And remember the really “smart” people collectively lambasted him for even thinking about something like this and totally dismissed it?
    Well, now, all of a sudden, it seems that the idea wasn’t such a moronic, horrific one after all.

    1. Dan

      Trump talked about using light in a way that he didn’t really understand. Not understanding stuff never stopped him from talking though.

  3. J.

    Didn’t we know about the value of UV light in fighting viruses months ago? Why is this suddenly reemerging now?

    1. Krista LA

      I got laughed at also, when I suggested it be used in every doorway in retail stores and decontamination rooms in people’s homes. ( which I think will be part of the new normal, going forward). It’s true, I’m a nobody and just related to a science genius…

  4. Angie

    How very convenient that all these new technologies (could it be the same technology that got Biden elected?) are available now?

  5. Dan

    It has been know for a long time that UV light is very effective at killing viruses and bacteria. The part that is still unknown is whether or not Far UVC (222nm) is safe for people. Early indications look good but it still needs more study and that takes time. There is no way that Disney is going to deploy this until it is guaranteed to be safe.

  6. Edward P Giering

    There has been some concern over the fact that often touched surfaces on many rides are not cleaned after each set of riders. This could alleviate that problem by having the ride vehicles be exposed to this light between the unloading and loading areas. What isn’t mentioned is how long the exposure to the light must be to be effective.

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