Comments for Popeye & Bluto’s Bilge Rat Barges Refurbishment Causes Major Closure


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    To the lady that says that mask make it hard for her to see her kids and other guest that she may bump into them and it messes with your peripheral vision. Unless you are wearing a full face mask then it should be messing that or seeing your children or other guest. All the mask covers is your mouth and nose and that’s it. If it is that much of a inconvenience for you then please just stay home and do not leave your house until Covid is gone. Cause those issue must be happening to you everywhere and no one wants you getting hurt. It’s very simple wear the mask or stay home and as for heat exhaustion I am a ex-cast member and I know for a fact Walt Disney World sells bottle water everywhere plus has mist machines everywhere and you can but these neat little fans that hang off your neck that will cool you off and some you can put water in and it will spray a mist on your face. So there should be NO excuses.

  2. Alan

    They have walled up the entire area for the past 3 years. Empty ride track that needs repair, refurbished and repainted is all in guest view.

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