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Pteranodon Flyers

Credit: Universal


  1. BZ

    I hope we see it updated in Orlando to allow for adult riders again. I have wanted to ride for so long, but it is only open for younger riders. ☹️

  2. Carl titherley

    Rode this yrs ago with my kids and to be honest for the wait time and the length of the ride about 18 seconds if memory serves me right. It wasn’t worth it. Let’s hope the updated ride allows adults and is longer than a blink of an eye

  3. Victoria

    I hope they never get rid of playground. If they don’t update that ride o well, just don’t get rid of best thing there

  4. Michelle

    I’ve written universal a number of times about their lack of accessibility with The Pteranodon Flyers attraction. I have an autistic family member who is just over the height limit and she has a full blown meltdown everytime we go and have to tell her she can’t ride Pteranodon Flyers. I’m hoping they allow adults on this new version and build it in Orlando as well. It would be great for my family and I’m sure for many other families that have members on the spectrum or who have other cognitive disabilities.

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