Comments for Universal Follows EPCOT’s Lead, Uses Festival to Draw Guests

Credit: Disney (left) Universal (right)


  1. Courtney

    Good lord the articles you guys post are ridiculous😅😅😅 you act like universal hasn’t been having Mardi Gras for YEARS!! Literally the first time I went was in the 90s at age 5🙄 try not being so biased towards Disney…and this is coming from a DVC member

  2. Bren

    Universal’s Mardi Gras has always had food and drink booths during Mardi Gras. You make this sound like they took an idea from Disney, which they didn’t. It almost sounds like you’ve never been to Universal for Mardi Gras, or even been to Universal during their themed events. Definitely a questionably worded “news” article which is titled so inaccurately. And this is from someone who has visited both Walt Disney World and Universal Resorts for over 15 years.

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