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the muppet show

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  1. Backcountry164

    Except it wasn’t wrong then. If it had been it never would have happened. To claim such is to deny the evolution of society…

    1. Lawrence W

      It WAS wrong then.

      1. Backcountry164

        Revisionist history has always been wrong and always will be. You’d know that if you were old enough to have actually been around “then”…

    2. sondra sheward

      I say leave it . This is getting way out of control. I see nothing wrong with them then nor I do now. It’s only wrong to the trouble makers.

  2. Jane

    It’s ridiculous. People need to get over themselves. You are in control of your own life decisions. You will only feel freedom and happiness when you stop playing the victim and take responsibility for your life to make it great.

    1. Chris

      Exactly right, all of these warnings need to stop, just enjoy and understand it was a different world at that time.

    2. Peter

      Very well said!

    3. Lawrence W

      Off-base on your insensitivities. Stop trying to dictate HOW people feel.

      1. Backcountry164

        Off- base on reality. Stop trying to dictate how people are SUPPOSED to feel.

    4. sondra sheward

      Agree 100 percent

  3. Pinkstars

    Ridiculous. I grew up in the 60’s 70’s. And I turned out fine. I’m not racist. I like people no matter creed or shade of skin. Are we just not gonna kids that this was history. If not then all that history will probably repeat.

    1. Lawrence W

      History as compiled and taught and approved by White people is NOT history, but just one side of a far more diverse and rich story!

  4. Terry

    We will soon have a gray world with generic expressions because everyone is offended by something. And when we have erased everything to satisfy the offended we won’t know who we are anymore.

    1. Adam Thompson

      Yes, morons are offended by the fact that racist depictions are bad.

      1. James

        No, morons are seeing racism where it doesn’t exist and cry racism even when there isn’t any. Pathetic

  5. Come on Disney!! I grew up on The Muppet Show, and watched those removed movies! My son grew up on them also and he is in College studying to be a chemistry teacher!! The children are upset at everything nowadays and need to wake up!

  6. Rroe

    Time to gather up the “Stupids” and export them. Everything that was very enjoyable is being ruined by the Cancel Culture……..Wake up everyone!!

    1. Lawrence W

      Sadly for you, the Awakened ones are the ones tired of your one-sided White Christian culture nonsense! Get over YOURSELVES and realize that wrong is wrong and has always been wrong whether you acknowledge it or not. Crusades were WRONG (killing people who don’t believe in your invisible friend). Columbus and Colonization were WRONG (invading countries whom you felt superior to and then stealing and/or destroying so you can squat on their land). Fun times.

      1. Backcountry164

        Sadly for you more and more people are waking up to the fact that people like you are the new racists. Soon your pity party will be over and society will start to treat you like the scum that you are…

  7. Dis fan

    If yr a snowflake, dont watch the show

  8. Leah

    So tired of businesses, like Disney, caving to the Cancel Culture. They do not represent the majority of Americans. I hope the Cancel Culture insanity ends soon.

  9. Granny

    How stupid is this. These movies didn’t offend us in all these past years, so grow up and enjoy them now, without warnings. Our children who grew up with these movies are now grown , well adjusted adults, raiding their own children, and showing them the same movies that they enjoyed watching, as they were originally made. Grow up people! !

  10. Allison Olsen

    The films aren’t being removed from streaming, they’re just categorizing them as needing age-appropriate conversation and context from an adult when viewed by children under age 7. That seems reasonable and responsible.

    Many of us grew up in a culture that made insensitive and egregious mistakes – even if well intentioned or simply naive, this is an opportunity to explain how easy it is to see things only through our own lens without realizing how much of the picture we are leaving out or oblivious to entirely. It’s not a bad lesson to learn that we don’t know what we don’t know. Hearing from people with different experiences is the way we all become better, brighter, and think much bigger – it’s literally the sum of all parts that makes us greater. It’s a very American ideal that needs more work than too many are willing to admit even to themselves.

    I don’t see a negative in Disney’s move to keep and recognize their part in this history, acknowledging how they’re learning and evolving, and being specific in attaching that acknowledgement to specific works shows reverence to everyone – even the generations contributing these works.

    It would be disingenuous and silly to ignore what we can all see and try to pretend it doesn’t have consequences for everyone. I think it’s a good start. You can use the warning to initiate a conversation, or ignore it and carry on ignoring. The content remains.

  11. Paul

    I don’t see what all the whining is about. It’s just information.

    If you’re a parent and want to know what’s in the show without having to watch it first, yay, you can.

    If you’re someone who is concerned about this, yay, you have information and can decide for yourself.

    If you’re someone who doesn’t care about this, yay, you can ignore it or fast-forward through the 12 seconds if you want.

    Our norms and tolerances change over time. What was acceptable decades ago sometimes isn’t now. (Blazing Saddles, anyone?) Respecting other people and cultures hurts no one. But the reverse isn’t always true.

  12. Dave C

    Muppets being culturally insensitive???

  13. Andrea Conti

    This is getting ridiculous and out of control. Lets stop all this nonsense now. So who ever is stirring the pot get over yourself.

  14. Lawrence W

    Most of the comments in here are completely insensitive and stupid. Small minds who think their old ways are still the best and only ways. Grow up and move on! The confederate flag has been BAD since 1864. Confederates were insurrectionists, not patriots, and should never have been venerated.

    Spoofing ethnicities has always been wrong… minstrel shows, Siamese Cats, Native Americans as Savages, etc. Just because YOU think you grew up just ‘fine’ with these in your life does not mean some groups of people were not grossly offended by these.

    What I WOULD like to see is a great, educational documentary compiling these transgressions from the past and explaining to you nimrods WHY they are bad – not by today’s standards, but by ALL standards!

    1. Backcountry164

      Most of the comments left by you are anyway…

  15. Matthew Brewster

    Somebody is out of his or her mind! There is NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING offensive about The Muppets…period!!!

  16. J.

    I guess it is a good sign that we don’t have any REAL problems if we bother to spend time worrying about what a bunch of puppets said or did 40+ years ago.

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