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the golden girls

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  1. KC

    Hello my name Is Keenon and I’m so glad to hear that my favorite series The Golden Girls, Will be moving from Hulu to Disney+ and I’ll be looking forward watching this summer thank you !!!! Ps Disney+ Is commercial/ads (Free)

  2. Lynn

    So glad The Golden Girls will be on Disney!

  3. Connie

    I absolutely LOVE the Golden Girls. That show was way ahead of its time. I could watch each episode over and over. The chemistry between all the actors is incredible!!

  4. Rick Bergmann

    Any chance of adding Golden Palace, Empty Nest, or Nurses too? It would be nice to have them since they are all in the same tv universe.

    1. Louisa

      OMG, yes I will be watching. I love the Golden Girls. I can still watch it and it still makes me laugh.

  5. Chris

    This is only for UK subscribers. If I see this misleading article shared one more time I’m gonna lose it.

  6. Don’t take them off Hallmark not every one can afford all those extra channels

  7. Sharon Petttit

    I wish us would be on record tv pI don’t have cable I love your show

  8. Erica

    So unfair. I watch it on Hulu and once it moves to Disney it wont be available to me anymore. That sucks.

  9. Jenny

    Golden girls done episodes that not exactly clean they talk their sex life Blanche having lots of men some causing too they going to put that on Disney

  10. Lynn Glenn

    You bet I’ll be watching!! Love me some Golden Girls!!

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