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starkiller base preparation the force awakens

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  1. William Reehill

    To a vast swath of Star Wars fans (not the small minority that LucasFilm would have us believe) anything after Return of the Jedi (excluding The Mandalorian) is NOT CANON. So why would they accept any nomenclature that includes an event involving Starkiller Base?

    TPTB, including the likes of Kathleen Kennedy and Pablo Hildago have proved time and again they do not understand Star Wars, or perhaps even like Star Wars. Their actions demonstrate this and the disappearing box office of the Sequel Trilogy is empirical proof.

    Kathleen Kennedy couldn’t come up with even a thread of an outline for an ongoing plot for the series, and Pablo Hidalgo belittled fans for demonstrating emotion for beloved characters.

    1. Nicolas Furka

      Ignore this stupid garbage and keep using the old system.

      1. Javier H

        Ignore the drivel from this soy warrior.

        He’s just mad because Biden didn’t cancel his student debt as promised lol

        1. Grant

          What does that have to do with Star Wars?

        2. BDave

          Someone’s mad trump got his ass beat. Keep crying, maybe spend another night smashing your sister to make you feel better. Just make sure you don’t abuse your kids too much, they have limits you know.

        3. David B

          Someone’s mad trump got his ass beat. Keep crying, maybe spend another night smashing your sister to make you feel better. Just make sure you don’t abuse your kids too much, they have limits you know.

    2. Keith Gatchalian


  2. Vos

    They can hold onto alot of the disgruntled fans by just making stories that occur before TFA. Let Rian have his trilogy far far in the future so he can’t screw up the current universe anymore than they already did. I’ll keep watching the shows as long as they keep letting good directors take the helm but I think I’m done with the movies after that train wreck of a trilogy.

    Kennedy just doesn’t seem to be an actual Star Wars fan. Even when I didn’t really understand what Lucas was trying to do it was always apparent that he enjoyed creating in that universe. The new stuff just seems like directors wanting to be seen making a Star Wars movie and they could care less about the lore.

  3. James S

    I thought the acronyms stood for “Before baby Yoda” and “After Baby Yoda”.

  4. Paul McCann

    Doesn’t matter anymore. I’m done with disney. They ahve destroyed so many things about star wars it is no longer enjoyable. Now it’s all about making all their shows a political platform. You are literally paying them for their propaganda. I’m so done. Rip star wars. One in a long list of shows ruined for political statements. I’ll get my entertainment somewhere else, if you value your time I recommend the same.

    1. Hal Jordan

      Agreed! I started reading this article because it looked interesting, got part way through, and suddenly remembered that I don’t care about Disney and Lucasfilm any more. It was interesting entertainment in the past, but I won’t support large corporations who treat their employees the way Lucasfilm does.

  5. Aj

    What kinda crack pipe is kathleen kennedy side of lucasfilms is hitting, they can’t do this and chewy did get a medal stupid. Think chewy already got so much medals on his stash like where leia going to put the thing on his fur. Honestly, kick kathleen out put john in and let them continue the success they been having. Funny everyone throwing money at disney “once every year” only times when the mandolarian is airing a new season.
    And now they got rid of everyone’s it girl and got rid of everyone’s favorite mascot now they getting balls again do we have to nurder disney again.

  6. Aaron

    Er… Wasn’t Yavin episode VI? And the second death star? That opening line is a real head-scratcher. I’m surprised nobody else mentioned it.

    1. James2

      I’m glad I’m not the only one who confuses this. Endor is VI with the second death star.

    2. Dan M

      Yavin was the location of the first Death Star. That’s where Luke destroyed it.

  7. Uncle Buck

    Kathleen Kennedy and her SJW ilk still continue to try to justify and force their crappy version of woke Star Wars down our throats. Problem with Kathleen Kennedy is her ego is larger than her Starkiller Base and she cant accept the fact that her SJW vision of Star Wars was rejected by a vast majority of the fandom and even new fans coming in prefer the original and even the prequel trilogy which is leagues better than the KK trilogy.

    1. Grant

      I didn’t reject it because it was “woke” (It wasn’t). I rejected it because they’re bad movies.

  8. Jroney

    I have a shelf with almost every Star Wars novel ever published sitting on it. I grew up reading these novels, and this used to be my favorite franchise by far.

    Now, I’ve yet to even watch the last couple movies.. even when they were on Netflix and Disney+. The Last Jedi was so bad that it took me more than a year to decide to give The Mandalorian a chance, even with the glowing reviews.

    This company has utterly and completely destroyed this franchise. This is just one more step along the way.

    1. Joe

      A shelf? Depending on how tall, wide, and number of shelves, an entire BOOKCASE might not hold half the Star Wars novels ever made, lol! I appreciate the sentiment though.

  9. Boba Fett

    In a nutshell, Chewy didn’t get a medal in Ep. IV because Peter Mayhew was too tall for Carrie Fisher to put it over his head without looking funny on camera. This has been reported before. Don’t know why the original article says there was no reason given.

  10. john

    *** Luke was not yet a Jedi Knight during the medal ceremony at the end of Episode 4. *** Nice try, author.

    I’m no Star Wars prude, but I didn’t care for any of the installments that were released post-1983. Not a single one. They were all either bad or boring, in my opinion. Your mileage may vary. Well, I say “all” but in fairness I haven’t seen “The Rise of Skywalker” yet, and I don’t plan to. I completely lost my taste for all things “Star Wars” (except the OT) with each new film, starting with the Special Editions.

    Blah blah blah. You’ve heard it all before, right?

  11. John

    No one… absolutely NO ONE who is a true SW fan is enamored with the racist/sexist trash of the high republic. Pushing novels by a talentless individual simple based on their skin color because it’s a trendy thing to do is so divisive and opposite of equality. Not to mention that the stories are trash. I would embarrassed as this blogger for even mentioning that garbage in the same article but it’s not the first time this site shills to the mob mentality.

  12. AkliveinHoth

    How about BD/AD

    Before Disney / After Disney

  13. Lori

    The three sequel trilogy movies do not portray any original characters correctly, especially Luke. The Solo movie does not portray Han or Lando in continuity with previous Star Wars movies. So these should not be included in the dating system. For fans who support the vision of George Lucas, they do not exist.

  14. Robert howard

    Disney can choke on their own politics

  15. Keith Gatchalian

    People are reading High Republic?????

  16. Dave

    I think they should establish an in-universe calendar that is based on an Era-establishing event – this is how it’s done in real life (The Birth of Christ (even though they’re technically 4 years off on that)), and it’s how it’s done in many created universes. Of particular note is Tolkien’s Middle-earth: The Lord of the Rings takes place in the Third Age, which began after a great cataclysm that reshaped the land itself (We may get to see this in the upcoming Amazon series). To me, the most obvious place to mark the new era in Star Wars is the formation of the Galactic Empire in Episode III.

    1. Thrawn The Annoyed

      BVR (Before Vader’s Rise)/AVR (After Vader’s Rise) would be a perfect system. The prequel/OT break is the clearest, also. Vader is the center of Star Wars and should be the center of the timeline.

  17. Marcellus McCoy

    Thank god I didn’t know John Wayne was used in Star War! Because of the young kid I would have called for a complete boycott! I did John Lucas use John Wayne a straight out racist in this movie! To me if you glorify these people you’re a racist as well!

  18. John

    “Calendars don’t usually start with a big event”
    Except for the calendars used by most people in the world today, and the one used by the Romans, and…

    What ELSE are you going to start a calendar with?

  19. An-D T

    So let me get this straight, the Kennedy team doesn’t like everyone referencing an event they didn’t create as a point of time to calculate when an event happened. Their answer is to make up a new point of reference based on their creation that is not a battle but, an destructive action?
    Why then, are we not referencing the destruction of Alderran as the focal point of time to reference another event? The destruction of Alderran was a major event in the galaxy that all of the galaxy would be aware of, the galactic realization of a planet destroying battle station.
    Oh, my mistake, they didn’t create that either and that’s what this is really about, keeping them in the spotlight, not the stories of the Star Wars universe. Got it!

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