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  1. Greg

    I’m 100% on board with Disney censoring some of their content because frankly some of it is awful. I think we were watching ..Peter Pan…the scene comes on where he is talking to the Native Americans and it was AWFUL and cringeworthy the way they were portrayed as murderous, ignorant sub human creatures. My son is 4 and I didn’t want him seeing that. It’s “just” a cartoon but I wouldn’t have him seeing something like that to form an opinion on something or someone which was racist when it was made in the 1950’s and its racist now. Difference is people care now.

  2. Though I don’t intend on getting too excited, as that could lead to grave disappointment after, but I’ve been a bit distrustful and bitter of Sony Pictures, ever since the fallout between them and Disney/Marvel two years ago, but if more MCU Spider-Man films should happen within the future, then that’s something I can look forward to seeing, especially with Peter Parker leading the Young Avengers, yet I wonder what could’ve happen, if they were to encounter Venom or Morbius, or more enemies such as Morlun or Knull? That would be something I’d love to see happen.

  3. Gary Perrin

    No place like home

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