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Credit: Disney


  1. Colin

    Just another desperate corporate act to maintain relevance. These people are their own species.

    1. Mel

      That’s the only way to keep people coming in. Relevance. If they didn’t update every so often then it would be a sad abandoned park.

      1. Joseph Du Vall

        That’s like saying a movie studio making new movies every year, or a car company releasing new models every year are “a “desperate corporate act to maintain relevance”

        1. Manny Manny

          No Joseph it is not the same thing at all since you are comparing apples to oranges. Car companies build on innovation and style change. Disney does not act on rides till they release a new one and the ride statistically starts to lag. Most of the classic rides are due for refurbishments and when times are good Disney has taken if it ain’t broken do not fix it.

      2. S

        Relevance shmelevance. Disney can survive on its name alone.

  2. Mike

    If you don’t have at least a little trepidation about this, you haven’t seen enough prior “enhancements.”

    The wand still haunts me.

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