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  1. Denis

    I KNEW people were gonna go for this blackwashing crap. Hercules, by definition, has to be white. Hercules is the son if Zeus. The Ancient Greeks pictured the gods as looking like them or rather the other way around. The gods made humans to look like them. The Ancient Greeks were White. They were not black in any way, shape or form. His mother would have been Greek, thus White as well since this mythology was born in Greece. There is no way you can explain a black Hercules.
    I understand why Black Panther has to be black even though he is a fictional character from a fictional country. So why can’t others understand that Hercules must be white?

    1. Philip Pearce

      Good point Denis luckily noone has been cast yet so we might still get a white actor how bout Chris Hemsworth

    2. Matt (wink)

      Hercules is a fictional character, so who cares what race or skin color he is. If Jesus can be portrayed by a white person, who was born in the Middle East, then Hercules can be played by a Black Man, despite your white fragility…

      1. Confused

        Ya, Denis seems like the type of person who would be fine with all of the situations in movies where a white person plays someone who is supposed to be Egyptian or Asian, but whines when a white person gets recast by a person of color…I you are going to be critical of accurate movie portrayals, then you should be consistent!

      2. Nina

        He is a based on a Greek historical figure so it makes sense to hire a Greek actor to play him.

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