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  1. KenG

    I think that would be a great idea, but on the other hand I also think it would have very limited appeal for many.
    I like WandaVision but I also think it has much more of a specific and limited audience compared to Mandalorian as an example. And sometimes a classic attraction is better left as it was intended and simply updated so the final scene is really in the future.

  2. There are many people in America who have never watched Wandavision. I have never watched it, and the concept doesn’t appeal to me. I don’t think a Wandavision attraction will stand the test of time.

    1. Matt

      Ummm who cares what you watch or not? This is just fans thinking about cool things they would like to see in the parks. Doesn’t mean that I will come true or not. But thanks for your negativity!

      1. matt's a snowflake

        Aww Matt were you one of the fans that posted on twitter and the rest of social media that you thought this was a good idea? Most people just wish the fans would STFU.

  3. Chris

    I think they should do this at Disneyland replacing the Star Wars Launch Bay which has the rotating building necessary to do this. And keep the original theme at WDW. Keeps everyone happy.

    1. J

      No they probably would be able too just like they’re able to do GOTG, it’s just old comic book ones they’re not able to do. And Wandavision is a reinvisioned version.

  4. Chris

    Also they couldn’t do WandaVision in Florida because they can’t have Marvel and both characters would be under Universals contract on the East Coast.

  5. EricJ

    (taps pointer on blackboard) Students, for our lesson today, I want you to pay particular attention and take notes:
    THIS is an official example of fan Armchair Imagineering.

    Pay particular attention to how it displays all the classic symptoms:
    1) The sudden popularity-fueled “need” for a fan-favorite to be “enshrined” at the parks for posterity, as if the Parks existed as nothing more than a movie/TV Hall of Fame,
    2) Unimaginative fans only able to conceive a story dark-ride or “E-ticket” roller coaster, or the frequent case,
    3) A “new makeover” for an old iconic Park-original attraction that didn’t have a movie/TV-sourced base, with the hopes of expanding the land around it to fit it, because
    4) Fans, in their grass-roots push to “make” WDI build it, will start demonizing the old attraction as “old”, “outdated”, “unpopular”, etc., and that it deserves every rehab it has coming to it.

    As you can see, the symptoms are always identifiable. Now, class, open your books to the chapter analyzing what went wrong with Frozen Ever After…

  6. EricJ

    Only the fan belief that the latest current hit movie/TV property “has” to get some permanent representation with an actual attraction, in their idea that the parks are the Disney Movie Hall of Fame.

    No. They’re theme parks. WDI is there to build fun activities that only occasionally promote existing movies, or don’t, if the designers come up with a better premise.
    They’re there to entertain tourists and guests, not to symbolically validate the MCU fans over the Mandalorian fans.

  7. Joe Foss

    Absolutely, DO NOT REPLACE! Wanda vision could be a part of the final scene- no more. This attraction DOES need upgrades in script and current AA figures. HOWEVER, no other attraction anywhere in the MK or HPonEarth expresses the spirit of optimism about the future, so often expressed by founder Walt Disney, than does this attraction. Not to mention, Walt designed it.

  8. Layla

    Don’t even bother changing it you fake Disney fans.

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