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  1. Nic Kramer

    Personally, I think a new Raya stage show might be a best bete, especially since we don’t know if the “Finding Nemo Musical” show will come back after the pandemic. Plus, considering the auditorium where “Nemo” resides is between “Asia” and “Dinosaurs”, I feel like it would be a nice “bridge” between the areas.

    1. MamaHarley

      This is a great idea but i also think it would have fit w rivers of light being how much this movie centers on water and the music is so similar it is now makes the loss harder. Even just a meet & greet in the area once it is aloud in the asia area would be awesome. I do not know how wdw would react to a martial arts jedi academy esque thing at wdw but being the fact dak is the edu park even using raya to respect and appeciated the culture that needs it right now be awesome some how.

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